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Prevent incidents with Monitoring

Turn major incidents into a tiny blip with full stack monitoring. Track application components so you can respond before your customers even notice.

Reduce interruptions with your built-in Status Page

During an incident, your support channels are flooded with requests. You can head off those requests with your built-in status page. Customize your status page with your company’s branding, post custom messages and show live uptime information. It takes less than 5 mins to setup a status page. And it’s included as part of our platform so you don’t have another ops resource to worry about.

Get back up faster with built-in Diagnostics

Our monitoring dashboard is more than just a bunch of “checkers”. Each monitor is a small suite of diagnostic tools pre-set with your monitor’s details. For example, if you expand one of your HTTP monitors, there’s tooling for HTTP timing breakdowns (TLS, Download, Server wait…), DNS resolution and response body display. Our database monitors also have their own suite of tools.

Status List Uptime Monitoring

Get uptime monitoring, hosted status page and debug tools all in one dashboard. The base plan includes your custom status domain ( Join over 2,000 companies and it for free today.