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Ultimate Apache Web Server Guide

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Apache Web Server or httpd is a high performance web server software that has been in circulation for over 25 years. (Not to be confused with parent organization It continues to receive updates and new features still today. This is a stable piece of software that will serve you well. (pun intended). 

When running a website, it’s vital to make sure your instance is running smoothly. Monitoring your web server’s status will help you prevent potential issues before they become full blown outages. You want a reliable service where things are running smoothly and Apache’s status monitoring will help you do that.

Checking your Apache web server’s status is simple and can be done in a few ways. You can use the built-in Apache modules or third-party monitoring tools. Let’s take a look at each of these solutions and how you can use them to keep your site up and your visitors engaged.

Built-in Apache Status Page

The built-in Apache Status Page is great to get a quick snapshot of what’s going on. It’s easy to setup and you don’t need to install anything extra. You can read more at: Apache Status Page: Simple Setup Guide

Built-in Apache Status CLI

The Apache CLI offers some great status indicators. You can get started with this right away and see how your system is performing. Read more at: Apache Command Line Status: How To Guide

Monitoring Apache Uptime: Third Party Tools

You need to know when your web server is having issues or running slowly. Monitoring your apache instance is simple to setup and worth every penny. Most uptime monitoring services will offer HTTP checks. You can see how fast your instance is responding and get alerts when something breaks or runs slowly. 

Monitoring services like ours (Status List) also offer hosted status pages so you can share uptime with customers or the team. It’s really easy to set up and you don’t have to install or maintain any additional software. 

Here are a few solutions you may want to check out:

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