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Slack Integration

You can receive HTTP service monitor events right in your Slack workspace with our integration. You and your team are alerted the second there’s an issue. As you respond to the incident, you can collaborate right in the channel.

How to Get Setup

Let’s get you setup with our Slack integration. This should take just a few minutes.

Before you begin, you’ll need to have a Slack workspace and a Status List account. If you don’t have a Status List account yet, you can get a free trial at

Adding Status List to Your Slack Workspace

Login to your Status List dashboard. Click on the the Slack button on the top of the dashboard (see screenshot below)

slack dashboard button

In the popup that appears, click on Add to Slack. You’ll be prompted to login to Slack and choose your workspace.

Configuring Slack Channel

Once you’ve added Status List to your Slack workspace, we need to choose a channel. On  your Status List dashboard click on the Slack icon again. Choose a channel where you’d like to receive notifications.

Putting it all together

Congratulations, your Slack integration is ready to go! You’ll receive notifications here when your service has issues.

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