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Test Taxi 🚕

Testers shouldn’t need to create tests for functionality even a computer can understand.

Testing Taxi unit tests your web application like a self-driving car with zero supervision required.

How does it work?

Testing Taxi explores your application a lot like a Roomba explores your house. It moves through your application trying out the functions it encounters. Testing Taxi understands user interfaces and can detect changes. It observes how your application responds to specific functions and scenarios. With enough observation data and a thorough scenario engine, Testing Taxi is able to determine how your application functions.

Does it actually test everything?

Today, Testing Taxi is able to get about 90% coverage of your applications functionality. We’re constantly working to improve the things it can understand. Unfortunately there are still  things that just need be tested by a human. Things like system-generated images, charts and hidden logic is difficult to test with an automated system like this.

See below for a table of what Test Taxi supports:

User Functionality
Cause and Effect
User Interface
Verify Emails
Verify Charts/Graphs
Verify Exported File Content
Verify Dynamic Images

How will I know what’s left to test?

You can use the Test Planner to figure out what tests need to be done yet. The Test Planner shows each function we detected in your application and what scenarios were test against it. You can quickly see smoke tests, validation tests and what-if scenarios that Testing Taxi completed. You can also flag functions in the Test Planner to quickly build a manual test plan for you or your team.

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