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StatusList is an add-on for monitoring the services you rely on. Know when the service providers you rely on degrade, fail or resume.

Realtime Notifications

Get instant email notifications when your service providers fail, degrade or resume. Email notifications contain full HTTP transcripts and timing information on things like TLS setup, DNS lookups etc.

Timing Events Transcript

HTTP Transcripts

View the full HTTP request and response in full-text view. Basically, the raw text you’d see if you transmitted this request over telnetAny headers you mark as sensitive are starred (****) out.

HTTP Transcript

Trends and History

On your web dashboard view up to 30 days of history. The historical graphs show trends in specific event times (e.g. TLS setup time seems to be spiking). Counters show failure and degradation rates.

incident tracking

StatusList is accessible via a web dashboard accessible through the Add-Ons Panel.

Provisioning the add-on

StatusList can be attached to your account via the Digital Ocean dashboard. Go to you install StatusList, you’ll need to configure your monitors through the StatusList Dashboard.


The StatusList dashboard allows you to create and view your monitors, setup notifications and your status page. You can access the dashboard via the add-ons page.

How to Add a Monitor

1. Select the Add Monitor button from the top right of the list.

trends and history

2. Enter the URL you would like to monitor and click “Add”

how to add http monitor

3. After a few seconds you should see data starting to show. You’ll now begin receiving email notifications when your service changes.


If you experience any issues please contact us at

Removing the add-on

You can remove StatusList via the add-on’s dashboard. Find Status List, view the details and click Destroy.


If you experience any issues please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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