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Uptime & Status Pages

Self Hosted ZooKeeper Monitoring Guide

It’s important to monitor ZooKeeper performance and uptime especially on a self hosted cluster. Your application’s performance can be severely impacted by configuration and load changes. You need to know about these issues right away.

Monitoring ZooKeeper

Note on Alerting

Don’t forget! You will need an email or sms service to deliver your alerts. This is something you probably won’t be able to self host. Solutions like Mailgun (email) or Twilio (sms) are easy to setup.

1. Prometheus + Grafana

This is a great self hosted solution for teams that already use Prometheus and/or Grafana in other parts of their stack. It is a bit complicated to set up, but is very customizable.

Prometheus has some great pre-built integrations that make setup easy. However, if you want a more customized Prometheus integration, you may find the documentation quite difficult to navigate.

Grafana is a great visualization system and has a great set of integrations. It’s really easy to link up with Prometheus. Grafana does have some limitations, but overall is a great visualization choice.

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2. InfluxDb

InfluxDb is a great self hosted solution. It’s the easiest self hosted solution to setup. You can send alerts to PageDuty, Slack or custom webhooks. The web management is intuitive and supports most administrative tasks. 

InfluxDb will require some setup and maintenance work. If you haven’t used InfluxDb before, you may want to look at some of the other options on this list first.

More Self Hosted Options

You can find additional self hosted/on-prem solutions in our third party solutions list near the bottom.