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10 Common Wix Site Issues in 2024 (and How to Fix them)

We’ll provide straightforward solutions to help you resolve these common issues quickly and get your site back on track. Whether you’re struggling to update your website or dealing with pesky error messages, this guide is here to help you navigate these challenges with ease.

500, 502, 503 Squarespace Errors (and what do about it)

In this guide, we’ll explore the nuances of the 500, 502, and 503 Squarespace errors, digging into what these errors mean, how they affect your site, and what steps you can take to resolve and prevent issues in the future. Whether you’re a seasoned webmaster or a business owner managing your online presence, understanding these errors will help you maintain a smoother, more reliable website for your visitors.

8 Reasons Your Magento 2 Store is Slow (and How to Fix It)

We’ll explore eight common reasons why your Magento 2 store might be lagging, ranging from non-optimized product images to unexpected traffic spikes. More importantly, we’ll provide straightforward solutions to help you address these issues, ensuring your store operates at peak efficiency. Let’s dive into the common culprits and how to fix them.

Top 9 Reasons Why My Shopify Store is Down (and How to Fix)

When running a Shopify store, unexpected downtime can be a major setback. In this guide, we’ll explore the top 9 reasons why your Shopify store might be experiencing downtime and provide practical tips on how to address each issue swiftly. Whether it’s high traffic spikes or third-party app malfunctions, we’ve got you covered with actionable solutions to keep your store running smoothly.

10 reasons your wordpress site is down (and how to fix them)

WordPress is a great system, but sometimes, things go wrong, and your site can unexpectedly go down. In this article, we’ll explore 10 common reasons why your WordPress site might be experiencing downtime, and provide straightforward steps to help you resolve these issues.

metrics dashboard

What to do When My Website is Down: 10 Things to Check

It can feel like a crisis when you don’t know what’s going on. But don’t worry—there are several straightforward steps you can take to diagnose and hopefully resolve your issue. This guide will walk you through ten essential checks you can perform to understand what might be going wrong and how you might be able to get your site back online

What is ZooKeeper?

  • What is ZooKeeper used for?

    ZooKeeper is used to coordinate distributed software applications. It provides a small set of useful primitives for things like mutexs, ownership and producer/consumer queues. Best of all, ZooKeeper runs as a highly available cluster.

A ZooKeeper instance is made up of znodes. Znodes are basically key value pairs that are held in memory. You can perform actions on znodes like create, update, delete and watch. All znode actions are atomic, consistent and VERY fast. This makes ZooKeeper a great system for coordinating applications.

Here’s a Java example of how you might use ZooKeeper to check if the current node is the master.

					public class IsMaster impliments Watcher {
    ZooKeeper zoo;
    boolean isMaster;

    public IsMaster(String connectionString, byte[] myId) {
        zoo = new ZooKeeper(connectionString, 3600, this);
        isMaster = false;

    createNode(byte[] myId) {
        try {
            // create znode /master if it doesn't already exist
            // make node ephemeral so it will auto-destruct if this session ends
            zk.create("/master", myId, ZooDefs.Ids.OPEN_ACL_UNSAFE, CreateMode.EPHEMERAL);
            isMaster = true;
        } catch (KeeperException e) {
            if(e.ErrorCode == KeeperException.NodeExists) {
                isMaster = false;

            rethrow e;

    process(WatchedEvent event) {
        if (event.getType() == Event.EventType.None) {
            switch (event.getState()) {
            case SyncConnected:
                // nothing todo here
            case Expired:
                // our session ended
                isMaster = false;

If you would like to read more, there is extensive documentation at

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